Portrait of Jim Imhoff

Jim Imhoff

Chairman Emeritus

Portrait of Kevin Donnell

Kevin Donnell


Portrait of Shawna Alt

Shawna Alt

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Tammy Maddente

Tammy Maddente


Portrait of Alisa Weisbrod

Alisa Weisbrod

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Bob Weber

Bob Weber

Senior Vice President of Operations

Portrait of Jake Barrett

Jake Barrett

Director of Marketing & Communications

Portrait of Jenelle Bruno

Jenelle Bruno

Equity & Engagement

Portrait of Jaime Conlin

Jaime Conlin

Customer Service Manager

Portrait of Dwight Gervasi

Dwight Gervasi

Director of IT

Portrait of Deb Imhoff

Deb Imhoff

Relocation Director

Portrait of Emily Cattey Mattson

Emily Cattey Mattson

Regional Manager

Portrait of Kim Moermond

Kim Moermond

General Counsel

Portrait of Cindy Plummer

Cindy Plummer

Human Resource Director

Portrait of Nancy K. Smith

Nancy K. Smith

First Weber Foundation Director

Portrait of Deb Weber

Deb Weber

Director of Agent Development

Portrait of Tom Weber

Tom Weber

Regional Manager

Portrait of Mike Zahrt

Mike Zahrt

Regional Manager